I can remember well that I enjoyed the nice alone time in a tiny library. It’s normal for students in Taiwanese local school to either go cram classes or take extra lessons to strengthen their academic skills. My family was no exception, but at the very least, I get to take the extra lessons on more interesting subjects of my choice at a place that is located roughly 15 minutes walk from school. Throughout the years, I took different classes, thus became very familiar with the environment and all the staff there. After the classes, my parents tend to pick me up later than my classmates due to their work schedule. I actually enjoyed staying after, because there was a tiny library there, full of random books. I don’t think I managed to get along with every single kid in school or extra classes, so the alone time was a nice relief.

The library from that place has more interesting options than my school library. I can remember reading through the collection of scary stories drawn in comic form. Then, some random history books. At one point, when I kept on going back to the same few books, I found myself trying to mimic the drawings on one of those comics, and forming the habit of drawing. I was a rather shy kid back then, and refused to show any of my non—school related drawings to anyone (and I still do that now sometimes). Since I can almost claim that room all to myself, I had a great time just doing whatever I want.