We drove miles and miles—all of us having drank too many Toña beers in the bus, because in Nicaragua you can do that (it's amazing–not the driver of course). We got to the volcano, waited in line, bought random food from the street vendors. There was so much beer it was amazing. It started to rain and we were afraid we were going to get stuck on the incline in our little car bus.

We got to the top. All of us hurled out of the car bus as fast as we could to run to the ghetto sketchy bathrooms on the top of a volcano. They were as good as just that–they were on top of a volcano, so use your imagination.

We then got to go to the crater to see the lava. YOU COULD ACTUALLY SEE THE LAVA! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was looking into the fiery pits of the earth and it was baffling. Talk about feeling like a tiny little fly in a trap. We took pictures. Posed. We gallivanted around to see all of the crater along with all of the other tourists.

We stubbed a few toes, got a few bumps and bruises–and then the lightning came down. It was like an experience of both the heavens and hell colliding in the most magnificent spar over power. Although, the lightning came and then rained down upon us—both regardless extraordinary powers of the universe.