One day, while my friends were taking their SAT, I was walking with one of my friends to school. Upon entering the premise, the test invigilator (which was my guidance counsellor) was chasing this kid in sportswear yelling "Get him! Get him!" I thought it was a joke because she was wearing sportswear so it was probably some sort of gym/prank activity till I realized, the kid was a student from another school that came to steal the test papers.

Long story short, I got the papers back and I let him go after capturing him in the stoplight with a help of a stranger and his van. Instead of being hailed as the hero, the news reports were reporting with info that they had, and straight up accused me of HIRING that guy to steal the papers. It made zero sense to me and my friends too.

I was silenced by the school and was told to not say anything because if outsiders knew a student was involved, it would tarnish their reputation.