It was September 16 on the corner of the W hotel in union square around 11:00pm. I was walking with my cousin and her dog when someone was drunk driving, ran a red a light and ran over her dog and continued to drive off. It was one of the scariest nights we had ever encountered and I remembered seeing my cousin just frozen in sheer terror seeing her dog laying limp in the middle of the street bleeding.

Within seconds people walking by offered to help and someone pulled over and offered to drive to the nearest 24 hour hospital. It was like longest 20 minute car ride of my life with just me and my cousin and three complete strangers. The animal hospital we went to like most 24 hour animal hospital don't treat your pet until you pay the total bill upfront. Before you know it, we had a six thousand dollar bill to pay. Blood on clothes and hands I'm digging in my bag looking for my credit card because I knew my cousin would not be able to afford this.

Fast forward to the next day I went back to union street hoping maybe someone saw what happened or if the W hotel caught the drunk drivers license plate on their cameras but to my surprise the three strangers who helped us last night set a small stand to collect donations towards last night’s and future bills.

To this day I am forever grateful to these three complete strangers who are now some of the best friends I have. Although we couldn’t find the asshole who was drunk driving, every time I walk past that block I can’t help but feel grateful that in a world like this with so many bad people there really are genuine good people.