Just this past year (2016, I was 20) I started dating somebody for the first time and it was all very exciting and easy until I was in her apartment. For the longest time I felt self conscious about getting a glass of water, or putting my backpack and coat down in the wrong spot. It was a pretty comfy place otherwise. Her love-seat (which came with the rent) is tiny and barely holds two people, but when we first started dating it was much more manageable. As our relationship developed I became more comfortable in the space and the furniture became less inviting, which I think is strange. I am a snob about spaces and how rooms are used, and I guess when it comes to the actual space it probably subconsciously irritates me. The light switch is on the opposite side of the room as you enter, there is one huge living room that stays mostly empty (there would be no good way to furnish it), and the kitchen has almost no counter space which forces the microwave door to be blocked by a cord (you literally have to unplug a cord to use the microwave). With all of this said though, I have gotten more comfortable in her space as I have gotten more comfortable with her. I am probably just more aware of the little things.