It is iconic for its red lanterns and beautiful streets. it's one of my favorite places because it not only has good food, it's one of those places that makes me feel away from reality. i love traveling because it kind of transports you away from your daily concerns and you can just live in the moment. jiufen is one of those places that has small alleyways and random street corners, little shops, so it's a treasure trove and it's just up to you where to walk and where to go a lot of times, you can enter into a side alley, and before you know it, you've been led into a complex of other people's backyards and gardens, and because it's all built on a hill you get all sorts of views. it's always the quaint little places that you hadn't set out to discover but you do by some sort of spontaneous accident, and it's a warm fuzzy feeling. this place is also near the sea, so once you reach the very top/side, you get a wonderful view of the ocean.