Le Mans, France is home to a very historic and special automotive race every year. The race spans a full 24 hours, so the drivers and cars are subject to extreme temperature change, lighting adjustments, and immense fatigue- as do the spectators. This June (2017) I had the luxury of attending the event with my girlfriends father, Martin. Rather magically, we drove to the event in his Alfa Romeo Spider from Germany. The weekend of the event was super hot, but not a cloud in the sky. It was sharp and dry air, you could see for miles. Attending the race was exhausting and exhilarating, a true bucket list thing to do for myself and Martin. Since the track is so large, it takes quite some time to get around the perimeter. You need to do a lot of walking and buses to get around. Toward the end of the day on the start of the race, we settled in Mulsanne, Pays de la Loire, France. This is a spot at the end of an extremely long straight away.

The sun was just below the tree line on our backs, so we didn’t need to bother with sunscreen or shade. The area wasn’t super packed with people, the announcements were right above us. It was the perfect spot we looked for all day. Since it was a hill facing the track, we laid back and got cozy. Mulsanne is and always will be a special place to me.