It was my last night in London. After high tea, my friend and I agreed to watch a movie; we settled on the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film. Neither of us has seen it, but both of our older siblings have raved about it. After scouting two movie theaters, we found one that was showing the film: Odeon Cinema. Throughout the film, I made snarky comments about how non—New York the film was, despite being set in New York. He laughed at all of them. A few minutes into the film, he turns to me and says, “I would like to spend the night with you,” and goes in for a kiss. Without any hesitation, I facepalmed him and pushed his face away from me. I screeched, “You have a girlfriend!” and all the people within our immediate surrounding overheard us.

After realizing the commotion we created, I repeated my statement again to him in a lowered tone, and he turns his attention back to the film. I thought it was over, but I was wrong. He tried to kiss me again and again. His eyes screamed of lust in the dark. I couldn’t focus on the film on screen but instead on the tragedy that was unfolding between two friends in row D, seats 3 and 4.

We sat in the dark for over two hours, and I saw his truth shined so brightly. The film finally ended and I was relieved that we weren’t in a dark room anymore. I was still bewildered of what just happened in the span of two hours. I walked out of Screen: 4 with the burden of informing his girlfriend of what he tried to do. My heart broke in that movie theater.

We walked out and he grabbed my hand and pulled me down to sit on his lap. We sat on a bench in front of Odeon Cinema for an hour and a half just talking about what just happened. He wouldn’t let me go, even after so many no’s. I shouted in frustration that what he wanted to do back in the movie theater was wrong. I was mad that he didn’t understand what he did was wrong. I was red and pink, mixed with anger and Asian glow. The London summer breeze had to calm me down. I finally got out of his tight hold and sat facing him, staring at his hazel eyes. The city lights were haloing right behind us, but we were no angels that night.